Who We Are at the FCGH Alliance

Who We Are at the FCGH Alliance
Executive Committee

Who is the FCGH AllianceDr. Martín Hevia is Dean and Professor at the School of Law, Torcuato di Tella University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He earned his doctorate in law in 2007 at the University of Toronto, Canada and his law degree in 2001 at the Torcuato Di Tella University. Currently, he serves as Vice-President of the Ibero-American Association of Law Schools.

He has been a keen supporter of a Framework Convention on Global Health for many years, and has recently been elected as the first Chair of the FCGH Alliance.


Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, elected as a Vice-Chair of the FCGH Alliance,  is a public health professional with more than 40 years of national, regional and international experience.

Dr. Ramsammy served as Guyana’s Minister of Health (2001 -2012), Minister of Agriculture (2012-2015), Member of Parliament (1997 -2015), President of the 61st World Health Assembly (2008), President of the Directing Council, PAHO (2007), Chairman of Executive Board, PAHO (2001-2002), Chair of the Steering Committee to establish the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and Member of the Global Fund Board representing LAC and was the Menschel Fellow, Harvard School of Public Health (2015).


Lyla Latif is a lawyer specialised in corporate, finance and human rights law. She is a lecturer at the University of Nairobi, School of Law and a member of the Law Reform and Devolution Committee of the Law Society of Kenya helping to shape health and tax policy and legislation in Kenya. She has litigated a number of cases on behalf of KELIN relating to violations of health rights of the vulnerable population. She is advocating for the right to health for all in Sub Saharan Africa by researching on innovative health financing mechanisms that support the poor and vulnerable population access healthcare.

Lyla is now a member of the Executive Committee of the FCGH Alliance.


The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), elected as a Vice-Chair of the FCGH Alliance, is widely acknowledged as one of the most important civil society organisations active on HIV in the Global South. TAC is unique in that we are a membership based organization operating in more than 250 branches, with more than 6000 members. We have been at the forefront of the AIDS response in South Africa for the last 20 years and continue to be a driving force behind developments in policy around HIV and TB. Today TAC continues to represent users of the public healthcare system in the country, and to campaign and litigate on critical issues related to the HIV and TB responses and access to quality healthcare.


Dr. Indira Paharia, Psy.D., MBA, MS, is the Chief Practice & Performance Officer for Hillside Family of Agencies, a 180-year-old non-profit organization serving thousands of vulnerable children and families in the USA. She leads research and evidence-based practice, quality and data analytics, and strategic planning. Dr. Paharia is a licensed clinical psychologist with specialized experience in government health insurance, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and social determinants of health. She has held senior executive and board positions with health and human services organizations and Fortune 500 healthcare companies. Since 2012, Dr. Paharia has served as a federally appointed national advisor to the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). She is a published author on the integration of medical and behavioral services and has held several faculty positions. She has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, as well as an MBA in healthcare administration and MS in healthcare finance. She is a member of the Executive Committee.


Gorik Ooms is a human rights lawyer and a global health scholar, Professor of Global Health Law & Governance at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Adjunct Professor at the Law Faculty of Georgetown University, and Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Ghent University. On behalf of the Hélène De Beir Foundation, Gorik was a founding member of the Joint Action and Learning Initiative on National and Global Responsibilities for Health (JALI), the precursor of the FCGH Alliance.

Gorik is now a member of the Executive Committee of the FCGH Alliance.


Since 2007, Gabriella Sozanski is an elected Board Member and Honorary Secretary of the Alliance for Health Promotion (A4HP), representing also the International Health Co-operative Organisation and managing an office in Geneva for the A4HP. She is a senior manager and an economist by profession with extensive experience in working in and with international governmental (WHO, UN, ILO, FAO, the European Commission, the Council of Europe etc) and NGOs. Previous employers are the International Co-operative Alliance – ICA, the World Council of Credit Unions European Office, Geneva and National Federation of Agricultural Co-operatives, Budapest, Hungary.
Gabriella now also serves as Treasurer of the Framework Convention on Global Health Alliance.


allianceThe Action for Humane Hospitals (ACTHU) was born in 2008 in a context of recrudescence of violations of the right to access health care of citizens in the health facilities. This association under Cameroonian law works for patient safety and the reduction of inequalities in access to health services. It is doing public information work and political pressure to better take into account the needs and preferences of patients in health policies, educate patients about their rights and build the capacity of individuals and communities as actors in their health.

ACTHU is a member of the Executive Committee.


Adam Bertscher is a health policy analyst based in London. He cofounded the FCGH Alliance and is Secretary to the Executive Committee. Adam has conducted research on: industry influence in health policy formulation, the human rights implications of restricting alcohol advertising, and South Africa’s National Health Insurance.

Adam received his Masters of Public Health and Bachelor of Social Science from University of Cape Town, and BA Honours from University of South Africa.



Gracia Violeta Ross is from Bolivia, a public speaker and researcher; she speaks about her experience as a rape survivor and a woman openly living with HIV. Ross is an Anthropologist with studies in Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health, a global leader on HIV, gender equity and human rights, especially the right to health. Ross represented Bolivia, Latin America and people living with the diseases in several international forums. Ross is passionate about justice and equity, committed to end violence, advocates for access to universal health coverage, gender equality and the promotion of human rights.

She has recently been elected as a Vice-Chair of the FCGH Alliance.


Called to the Nigerian Bar in 1989, Eze Eluchie, Executive Director of People Against Drug Dependence & Ignorance, has devoted his professional life towards the protection and enforcement of human and health rights in very challenging environments. He is currently on the Board/Executive Committees of diverse national and international networks of civil society organizations.

Eze now also serves as a Vice Chair of the Framework Convention on Global Health Alliance after being elected.


The essential vision for the O’Neill Institute rests upon the proposition that the law has been, and will remain, a fundamental tool for solving critical health problems in our local, national, and global communities, and can enable people in the United States and throughout the world to lead healthier lives. Towards this end, the O’Neill Institute combines scholarship, framing innovative solutions; projects, applying research to real-world solutions, and; capacity-building, teaching current and features leaders on how to apply the law to improve health. Areas of focus include health and human rights, non-communicable diseases, and infectious diseases. The O’Neill Institute is a member of the Executive Committee.

O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University Law Center (Washington, DC, USA)



The rest of the Executive Committee Members are coming soon…  so stay tuned!