WHA 2018: A4HP Statement on FCGH

WHA AHP FCGHTo accelerate and sustain progress on developing integrated, people-centered health services, the Alliance for Health Promotion (A4HP) urges action towards a Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH), which would be based in human rights and aimed at health equity. We call upon the WHO, through the initiative of the Director-General or Member States, to establish a working group on the Framework Convention.

The FCGH would serve as a vital instrument to ensure people-centered health services. It would include powerful norms and standards on inclusive participatory processes at all stages of policy-making, from local to global levels, serving Resolution 69.24’s strategy of empowering people and communities and creating accountable health systems. It could catalyze comprehensive, multi-sector action plans on health equity. And it could establish principles on right to health impact assessments and extraterritorial health rights responsibilities, better integrating health concerns across sectors.
 Further, by putting people at the center of health, the Framework Convention could help ensure that health coverage is truly universal, and give life to the Sustainable Development Goal promise that “no one will be left behind.”

The Convention could help guide and empower everyone from ministers of health to members of the most marginalized communities towards securing the people-centered health services that are central to the right to health.
Accordingly, we encourage the Director-General to use his authority to establishing a WHO working group on the Framework Convention on Global Health, or for member states to mandate the same. The working group should include state, civil society, and community participation, and could examine the possibilities of this Convention, including potential benefits, principles, parameters, and ways forward. Now, forty years after Alma-Ata, this could at last secure health for all.

Statement by the Alliance for Health Promotion (A4HP)
Seventy-first World Health Assembly (A71/1)
Agenda Item: L. Strengthening integrated, people-centred health services (resolution WHA69.24 (2016))