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The Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH) is a proposed international treaty, rooted in the right to health, that has been developed by leading health and law experts over the last decade. To advance from an innovative idea to a legally-binding instrument that enables real improvements to the lives of billions of people around the world, a non-profit NGO has recently been created under Swiss civil law. Driven by a diverse and dynamic membership, united for global health justice, the new FCGH Alliance is now activating.

About the Framework Convention on Global Health
The human right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health would be the core principle of the Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH), first conceived of in 2007 as a global treaty — hence legally binding upon all states that join it — that would address the unconscionable health inequities among and within countries. The FCGH, yet to be developed, would address central shortcomings in implementing the right to health and help enable all people, wherever they live, whoever they are, to have the opportunity to live long, healthy lives.

Core areas that the FCGH would cover include:
1) improving local, national, and global accountability to health commitments and to the right to health itself, including by ensuring people’s opportunity to participate in health-related decisions from community to global levels;
2) ensuring non-discrimination and addressing persisting marginalization and immense domestic and global health inequities;
3) increasing national and global health financing, and;
4) ensuring that all sectors of society work towards fulfilling the right to health, and that none (such as intellectual property or trade regimes) undermine this right.

“The FCGH is a moral, legal, political and public health imperative. It is the logical next step for the promotion of the right to health” — Mark Heywood, Section 27

“I further encourage the international community to consider and recognize the value of a comprehensive framework convention on global health” — Ban Ki-moon, Former UN Secretary-General

About the FCGH Alliance
On December 10, 2017 — Human Rights Day — organizations and individuals supporting the FCGH established the Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH) Alliance, a Geneva-based global network formed as an NGO under the Swiss civil code, to advocate for, and ensure inclusive participation in the process of developing, the FCGH. With growing numbers of FCGH supporters, from people who have experienced debilitating health conditions to national and global civil society organizations and global health luminaries, with deepening efforts to engage WHO, and with growing potential for state support, it was time to move from a loose coalition to a legally recognized NGO.

The goal of the FCGH Alliance is to secure the FCGH. A key principle of the FCGH Alliance will be broad engagement. We will seek individuals and organizations around the world to join in our membership and partner in our efforts, with a special emphasis on ensuring the participation of community-based and other civil society organizations, and of populations who suffer most from health inequities. The FCGH must, above all, be a treaty that speaks to their needs, meets their expectations, and secures their right to health.

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